Hilltop Concrete’s precast concrete panel system can be advantageous to your project in many ways. Our system comes in a variety of styles with customization available, it is easy to install and more affordable than traditional masonry. Our clients often come to us with a combination of needs and Hilltop Concrete is happy to put all 20+ years of experience to work for them. One such client was Stoneworks Building Group. They needed an entryway fence for Green Park, one of Houston's newest developments. Their client wanted an attractive feature to complement their luxury-styled townhomes that also provided privacy and security. As Texas’ premier concrete fence contractor, we know luxury.

One of the first things our team does when installing a concrete fence is nail down the project specifications. This includes determining the total linear feet needed, the height needed, required and allowed by the city, the type of product to be used, and finalizing color choices. During the process, we discovered that many underground utilities ran directly along the original fence path. At Hilltop Concrete, physically inspecting a job site is a requirement for every project for this reason. To install our 8-ft StackedStone system we needed to avoid a couple of telephone poles, utility boxes, a number of underground lines, and shorten some of our panels to get the best result. Our project manager and expert crew worked with the general contractor to get a new layout for the fence that worked best with the configuration and maintained the uniformity desired along the property frontage. We even worked with the gate contractor to get their posts aligned and set with our end posts to ensure their installation of a security gate went smoothly.

Hilltop Concrete is proud of our ability to not only work with other contractors but also work around them. During our installation, Stoneworks Building Group was also painting, installing a sidewalk, installing landscape and irrigation, contending with the weather, and under the gun to complete their project for a scheduled open house event. Even with the adjustments needed for the new fence line, our crew was able to install all 380 feet of fencing in just 6 days. This goes to show that the ease of installation with our panel system can keep even the most complicated fence projects on schedule. 

We are proud to showcase this project and feature the timeless beauty of our StackedStone precast concrete fence system. We are also thrilled to have cultivated a new relationship with Stoneworks Building Group and we are looking forward to working on many more of their projects in the future. For more information on how Hilltop Concrete can serve as your trusted precast concrete fence contractor, please reach out to us by phone at 903-630-5465 or by email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com. You can also visit our website at www.hilltopconcreteco.com to learn more about our products, view some of our projects and learn about our company.