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Featured Projects from Hilltop Concrete

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As a premier concrete fence contractor in Texas, Hilltop Concrete is passionate about what we do and the concrete fences we build. We have over 23 years of experience in this specific industry and have seen just about everything this industry can throw our way. We specialize in creating beautiful turnkey projects from inception to completion while delivering the highest standards in quality craftsmanship. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you in achieving the perfect setting for your next fence project. We make our clients’ goals our priority!

Birdville ISD in North Richland Hills, TX 

No one can say Hilltop Concrete is afraid of a challenge. While we enjoyed working with Ratcliff Construction on this project for Birdville ISD, it was a more complicated job than most. We installed 1475 feet of 6-ft StackedStone fencing along the property line dividing the school from the neighboring apartment complex. Not only did our expert crew avoid all the utilities along the fence line, but they were also able to adjust for a severe drop in the grade along the parking lot of the apartment complex. With our expertise and installation method, we can install with as little as 6-ft of space, allowing us to install even in areas with little to no maneuverability for larger equipment.

Keller Crossing in Keller, TX

We worked with JAH Realty and Whataburger to install our concrete screening wall to replace their brick wall. Unfortunately, the original structure began to deteriorate and the integrity of the entire wall was compromised. Our customer opted for a 6’ foot high OldBrick concrete fence in our Rookwood Terra Cotta color to complement the shopping center’s existing structures and buildings. Our OldBrick system allowed them to keep the same look without the additional cost and labor associated with traditional masonry. After the removal of the deteriorating masonry wall, our expert team was able to complete all 1,120 LF in only 2 weeks with our streamlined installation! 

Amazon Warehouse in Forney, TX

We worked with Catamount Constructors, Inc. to secure the new Amazon distribution facility. Amazon wants to be a ‘good neighbor’ and in that thought process desired to provide a solution that could not only help secure and screen their site but would reduce the noise generated by the predicted heavy traffic. Our StackedStone textured panels help to keep the noise at bay by causing the sound to scatter once it reaches the panels of the wall. Even at 12 feet tall, our fences remain structurally sound because the systems are engineered with deeper footers and additional rebar support cages where needed. Our fence systems have the structural integrity needed to last a lifetime and remain an attractive feature on any property!

QuikTrip in Dallas, TX

Construction began with an empty lot off of CF Hawn Freeway, which was transformed into a bustling service station. Hilltop Concrete was able to work around the ongoing construction and coordinate with Fulcrum Construction for a smooth installation. The dual-sided texture of our StackedStone fence prevents additional noise pollution generated by the service station from disturbing their new neighbors.

Hilltop Concrete is honored to have had the opportunity to work on these concrete fence projects all over Texas. We are confident that new and future customers will enjoy the benefits of our products for years to come! For more information on how Hilltop Concrete can serve as your trusted precast concrete fence contractor, please reach out to us by phone at 903-630-5465 or by email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com. You can also visit our website at www.hilltopconcreteco.com to learn more about our products, view some of our projects and learn about our company.