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Tips For Cleaning And Preserving Your Pre-cast Concrete Fence

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Concrete fences can be a great addition to your home to protect your family and your property. These types of fences often last much longer than regular wood fences. However, they should be maintained so that they can stay strong and sturdy. For your precast concrete fence, you will want to make sure that it can last for decades to come. Below are ways that you can maintain your fence to make sure it stays strong and looking great. You can also call one of our experts at Hilltop Concrete for any precast concrete fence cleaning services.


Check For Cracks


If you have a lawnmower that consistently hits the base of your concrete fence, it may create quite a few cracks and chips around the corners and edges. Nearby tree limbs can fall and cause damage to the fence. Make sure to trim the trees, so this does not become an issue. Sometimes damage happens to the fence, so it is best to take swift action to stop the damage from getting worse. 


Seal Your Concrete 


Although concrete is solid, it is also very porous. You should make sure to reapply topical sealers to the concrete fence every few years. It is also essential to pay attention to the joints of the wall. Water can easily get inside and cause damage, especially when it freezes. When the water freezes inside the joints, it expands and causes additional cracks in the concrete. Some products can permanently stain the fence, like paint, markers, salts, and even oil-based products. Make sure to clean these off right away with a mild cleanser. Avoid aggressive cleaning methods that can do more damage than good. 


Cleaning Should Be Done Annually


Cleaning your concrete fence annually will help keep it in its best shape. Removing dirt, grime, and rust from the fence should be a part of regular maintenance. At this time, you should do a full inspection of the concrete to make sure no cracks or stains have appeared. 


Preventing Paint and Graffiti


If you happen to have graffiti on your concrete fence, this can be frustrating, especially since it's one of the hardest things to remove. The best way to prevent it is to discourage it from happening in the first place. It is always best to cover up the concrete wall with bushes, vines, or trees. You could also add lighting around the wall to keep taggers away. 


Avoid Extreme Heat


You can really damage your concrete fence with extreme heat like a torch or welder. This type of extreme heat can cause things like cracking. If you like to enjoy a fire in the cool evenings, make sure to keep it away from the edge of the yard near the concrete fence. 


Call In Our Professionals


For additional help and repairs for your concrete fence, call one of our professionals at Hilltop Concrete. They can provide an excellent cleaning and repair service. If you do not have a concrete fence but are considering getting one for your home, call one of our experts today for a consultation.