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Textured Fence Panels: If You Don’t Know, You Should!

If you are in the construction business and don’t know what textured fence panels are, you should. Textured fence panels are a perfect finish to your operation. They are like the icing on the cake to keep things under wrap and key inside communities, government buildings, or to define property’s overall look. These fence panels are made of one of the most durable materials out there, so there’s not a chance that you will get a call with any complaints about them!

What Are Textured Fence Panels?

Textured fence panels are concrete fence panels that are imprinted to look like other materials such as slate, stacked stone, or brick. Since they are made from concrete, they are highly durable, miraculously strong, and weather impervious. When making textured fence panels, both sides are perfectly imprinted to look like the material of choice. But you still get all the advantages that come with concrete versus other materials that do not hold up as well or provide the same security.

What Are the Advantages of Textured Fence Panels?

The main advantage of a textured fence panel is that they give the ambiance that you want for the exterior of your building or gated community. Customize them to whatever shape you desire. Although they are concrete walls, they look more like fences and can section off large spaces that give outsiders the message that it is not okay to trespass. Instead of showing concrete color, they come in a variety of hues and give the natural appearance of stone or brick. That means that they have the force of concrete with the beauty of less durable stone products.

Print Logos on Them

To give your signature look, they can also be printed with a logo, such as a company name or a neighborhood subdivision. Since the logo is embedded in the wall itself, it stays put forever. Also, since it is made from concrete, you don’t have to worry about the logo ever looking faded or old. The logo will look as good in a decade as the first day you put the textured fence panel up. You can also mix and match your textured fence panels with wrought iron to create any look you want.

Some contractors consider the fencing an afterthought. But, the fence is an integral part of the entire project. If you want the durability of concrete, but don’t want the drab look, textured fence panels are the perfect choice. Check out all the styles that Hilltop Concrete has to complete your project.