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Customizing Your Concrete Fence

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                                                      Customizing You Concrete Fence


As we say all the time… your concrete fence does not have to be a dull, boring eye-sore on your property. In fact, concrete fencing can be a very attractive addition to any property and can be used for a multitude of applications from a personal residential fence solution, security walls,  to sound barriers. As a trusted concrete fence contractor, Hilltop Concrete has manufactured and installed our systems for an array of customers and each one is customized to suit their individual needs. Below are a few of the many ways your concrete fence can be customized to meet and exceed your desired needs. 


The easiest way to set your concrete fence from others is by first selecting the pattern. At Hilltop Concrete, we have a selection of patterns that you can choose from and we are always happy to discuss the different options with you to ensure you are well informed prior to making your final decision. Whether you are looking for a stone, brick or wood look, Hilltop Concrete has you covered. Our precast concrete fence patterns include StackedStone, OldBrick, ChiselStone, WoodCast, and RailCast. And all of our precast concrete panels and posts are textured on both sides so no matter what pattern you choose, you have a complete system, front and back! 


The height of your fence can also be customized. No matter your application needs, Hilltop Concrete can ensure we provide a system that protects your property at the height you desire. Most of our systems can be installed at 6’, 8’ and 10’ heights. If you are looking for an option that still provides secure containment but allows you to overlook your property, the RanchRail system can be installed at a 3’, 4’ or 5’ heights and provides an exceptionally prestigious appearance to any property. 


 Your fence does not have to be a boring gray. Painting your concrete fence means that you have the ability to make your fence blend in or stand out from the surroundings. Us here at Hilltop Concrete will help you select the perfect color for your concrete fence and we love watching our concrete fence systems transform before our eyes during the application of color. The sky's the limit when it comes to color choices. You can select a color from our proven customer favorites or we can match a color already integrated on your property or project. 


Contact Hilltop Concrete today at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us at 903-630-5465 to learn more about our products. You can also visit our website at www.hilltopconcreteco.com to view our products, learn about their applications, and view photos from our gallery!