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Customizing Your Concrete Fence

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If you are interested in concrete fencing, you've probably realized it can be an attractive addition to any property. It can also be used for a number of applications from commercial properties, to utility projects, and residential housing. As a premier concrete fence contractor, Hilltop Concrete manufactures and installs our systems while working side by side with our clients or other contractors to get the custom fence of their dreams. From the start of the manufacturing process to installation and to adding the finishing touches, Hilltop Concrete’s team will work side by side with you to make sure the concrete fence you want is the concrete fence you get.

At Hilltop Concrete, we start your custom fence by manufacturing it. Our precast concrete fence patterns replicating the look of stone, limestone, brick, and wood. We manufacture each precast concrete component with patterns on both sides giving them a uniform look from every angle. Most cities have an ordinance limiting a fence height to 6 or 8 feet, so most of our systems do not exceed that height. However, the StackedStone system can be customized to a height of 12 feet. We utilize special molds to create our taller posts, which are needed to support the additional height, and also account for it during installation with deeper and wider piers to ensure its stability. We can even cut our panels down to size to make odd fence lengths or tight corners a breeze. 

Once we have your pieces manufactured, we need to install them. Hilltop Concrete's crews are always friendly and professional, making working with other contractors easy. We are happy to leave an open space for the gate and have even added steel ornamental work on top of our panels. Some customers choose to add a concrete mow strip, which protects the bottom of their fence from things that might damage it, like lawnmowers and weed eaters. You can also customize the mow strip using things like river rocks for a more natural feel. 

To put the finishing touches on your new concrete fence, we paint it in a durable exterior latex paint in a color of your choice. Previous customers have chosen to leave it the bare concrete look and let it weather naturally over time, creating a unique look of its own. However, we always recommend painting your fence after installation because it provides a uniform color for your entire fence and we love watching it transform before our eyes!

 At Hilltop Concrete, we strive to provide you the best experience possible, from the day you call us to the day we put the final touches on your fence. So if you are not looking for ordinary or off-the-rack concrete fencing, Hilltop Concrete can make your concrete fence vision a reality. We have over 20 years of experience in this specific industry and have seen just about everything this industry can throw our way. We continuously push to increase our knowledge to provide the best product and experience possible to our clients. To learn more, reach out to Hilltop Concrete today at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us at 903-630-5465. We look forward to hearing from you!