Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning your project or ready to make a commitment, Hilltop Concrete is here to assist you with all your concrete fencing needs. While we are based in Texas, we offer installation services to the surrounding states, and we ship material nationwide. No matter if you're in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, or San Antonio, Hilltop Concrete can give you the concrete fence of your dreams.

We are often asked if we have worked in one location or another because experience matters. With over 20 years of experience installing concrete fences all over Texas, California, Georgia, and Oklahoma, our crews can handle anything that may come their way. From the sandy soil of Austin to the “black gumbo” you find near Houston, we know what it takes to install a concrete fence. We might need different auger attachments or additional rebar cages and wider, deeper footings. No matter what is needed Hilltop Concrete has the experience to do it. 

Hopefully, it wasn’t the permit. For our Dallas concrete fence customers, you might find our experience in navigating a fence permit especially useful. The City of Dallas has a number of requirements that must be met before you are allowed to install a fence on your property. These requirements set the standard for what materials can be used, how tall your fence can and cannot be, allowing access to emergency services, and places of specific importance. If you do not carefully follow the regulations and guidelines set, the fence may have to come down and you could end up with a fine. Hilltop Concrete will work with you every step of the way, from design, planning, and permitting, to ensure you are in compliance with the city requirements. 

You might be surprised to find concrete fences have been around for decades.  In fact, Houston has many existing concrete fences, some as old as 30 years. When those concrete fences become damaged or even in need of replacement, Hilltop Concrete is here to help. We are often asked to repair existing concrete fences and never turn away a customer because the job is “too small.” Everyone deserves to have a secure property and Hilltop Concrete can help you do it, even if you buy the material from us to do it yourself. Our team is happy to provide instructions and guidance for those who choose to install or repair their own concrete fence. 

No matter what challenges we might face installing your concrete fence, exceptional customer service is at the heartbeat of everything we do. We’re committed to making sure you’re taken care of at every step of your fencing project, even after it’s been installed. So the next time you search for “concrete fence Texas” try emailing us at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call our office at 903-630-5465 instead.  We look forward to becoming your concrete fence contractor!