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Precast Concrete Fence In Greenville

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Hilltop Concrete recently had the pleasure of installing a StackedStone system for a concrete plant located in Greenville, TX. Our client had a chain-link fence that was in shambles and did little to provide any form of security for their facility and was an unsightly eye-sore. Our client was in dire need of a solution to resolve their lack of security for their yard, equipment, and company vehicles. They also wanted to step up and provide their community with a fence that supported local beautification efforts of the area. Hilltop Concrete is honored that our client decided to use Hilltop Concrete to help find the perfect solution for their security needs and aid in their beautification efforts. After all, is there a better solution for a concrete plant than a precast concrete fence?

For this project, we installed an 8’ high StackedStone system that spans the East property line of the facility and runs approximately 595 LF. This property line is also the entrance and exit for the facility so we had to ensure they were able to maintain their security gates for both the North and South driveways. This project also possessed a very special requirement that the construction of the new fence prevents any debris or water from exiting the property so we installed a custom concrete mow strip along the base of the fence. This keeps the concrete plant in compliance with the environmental regulations that they are subjected to and provided a beautiful addition to the aesthetics of the fence. We finished the fence by painting it to provide a uniform appearance. Our team worked closely with the client and provided multiple color selections that would closely resemble the natural appearance of concrete but provide a subtle backdrop that complemented the natural surroundings. Our client determined that Prairie Grass was the perfect shade for their fence and we couldn’t agree more!

While on-site, we noticed that the sound level from normal day to day operations of the plant was very difficult to ignore. While this is to be expected from a concrete plant we all want to be the best neighbors possible and reducing the noise pollution in the area turned into an added benefit from installing the precast concrete fence. By building a solid structure between the concrete plant and the public, the sound is bounced back towards the plant instead of continuing its path towards neighboring properties. When a precast concrete fence is built at an average ‘line of sight’ height, a reflective sound barrier can reduce noise pollution by approximately 5 decibels. The taller the wall; the greater the reduction of noise pollution. Additionally, all of our precast fence systems, such as the StackedStone system installed on this project, are all textured. This means once the sound reaches the wall, the texture causes the sound to scatter in a variety of directions aiding in the reduction of noise.

Our client was beyond pleased with their fence and was kind enough to leave us the following review. “The Hilltop team executed our project with total professionalism. Their communication and responsiveness was especially superior throughout all facets of what was a fairly complicated installation environment. Strongly recommend.” We want to thank our client for the opportunity to complete this special project for them and we look forward to working with them again in the future! For more information on our products or to learn how Hilltop Concrete can become your trusted concrete fence contractor, please reach us at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us at 903-630-5465.

North Entrance Before

before concrete fence


North Entrance After

after concrete fence

Road Frontage Before

before concrete fence

Road Frontage After

after concrete fence