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Precast Fences On Public Works Projects

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Did you know that Hilltop Concrete does a multitude of projects, including Public Works? Whether the precast concrete fence stands to be a sound barrier, security wall, or visual screening; Hilltop Concrete can create the attractive piece you are looking for. 


If you are in need of a security wall for your police station improvement project, the team at HTC can give you an undeniably beautiful fence to give you the safety measure that you are seeking. Needing a sound barrier between residential and nearby highways? Have no fear, Hilltop Concrete is here to help! 

Oh, and if you are needing railing for a city park, over at HTC, we would come up with a plan to install some RanchRail precast concrete fencing to create a boundary for keeping children safe inside the park without the maintenance requirements that a traditional wooden fence would require.


Just to give a couple of examples of Public Works projects that we have completed, I will lead with this: 

Within the last couple of years, we completed a project in San Marcos, TX doing 1,005 linear feet of StackedStone precast concrete fence that is 10 feet high to secure and protect the electrical substation that was built to help offset the growing electrical needs of that area. That Public Works project was named, Rattler Substation. While that project was good for us, it is also good for the City of San Marcos. 

HTC also got the honor of doing another PW project named Bretzke Water Supply in New Braunfels, TX. We constructed a StakedStone precast concrete fence and installed it 8 feet in height to house the ground storage tank for privacy and security.  


All in all, we, at Hilltop Concrete, strive to be the best that we can be with over 20 years of experience in our industry and the teamwork that a growing company could only dream of. Giving our all in everything we do and providing great customer service and hands-on work with Public Works projects, HTC is going places. With that being said, you could go places with us too! 

If you have any questions or have a curious mind regarding precast concrete fences, head on over to our website www.hilltopconcreteco.com or give us a call at our office at (903) 630-5465! Chris, Jeni, and Ashley would love to help bring your precast concrete fence dream to life!