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What Color Should You Paint Your Concrete Fence?

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When looking into fence options for your property, color often factors into what kind of fence you choose. Painting gives you limitless color options. You also gain the ability to make your fence blend in or stand out from surrounding features. Our team here at Hilltop Concrete will help you select the perfect color for your concrete fence and we love watching our concrete fences transform before our eyes during the application of color. Whether you decide to use one of our most popular color choices or you want to match a color already integrated into your project or property, choosing to paint your concrete fence allows us to a colorless wall into a beautiful design element.

Our customers usually ask about color options in the first conversation with our company. We do not offer integral color for a few reasons. Adding dye into the concrete during the molding process means there is a significant chance that the pieces will differ in color slightly. Painting the concrete fence will ensure the color is uniform along the fence line. When using integral color, there is a chance you will not be able to get the same color and style in the future. Concrete weathers over time and will fade from the initial color slightly. When this happens or when repairs are needed, the new pieces would be a differing color and then painted to match as closely as possible to the remaining fence. Hilltop Concrete utilizes Sherwin Williams for our color matching services. Our customers can take advantage of the wide range of color options available. 

Most other questions customers ask about painting their concrete fence are how long and how much it will cost to add it. The answer is simple, your cost and timeline will not change. We include the cost of painting and the time needed to complete it in our initial quote. Our company uses an A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex paint designed for concrete outdoors. It's resistant to fading and requires no additional maintenance. 

Whether you decide to use one of our most popular color choices or choose something that fits into your existing aesthetic, Hilltop Concrete will make your concrete fence dream come true. We can help transform your concrete fence from a colorless concrete wall into a beautiful design element. At Hilltop Concrete, we are dedicated to helping you complete your project from start to finish, including picking out the perfect color to match your desired ambiance. Contact us today via email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or by phone at 903-630-5465 to learn more.