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Working with Hilltop Concrete

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Everything you see in your community, someone built it. From the skyscrapers in Dallas to the banks you use, someone built that with their own two hands. You can build houses where families live, office buildings where people work, roads that get us where we need to go, and communities that bring people together to live and thrive. At Hilltop Concrete, we build fences to last a lifetime. You may be interested in pursuing a career in construction, so take a walk through a typical workday building concrete fences.

Our crews consist of 3 to 4 man teams depending on the job. That’s right, our concrete fences are easy to install and not labor-intensive in most cases. We start by measuring the fence line for post holes. We drill them using a skid steer with an auger attachment. Everyone’s favorite part of the job is digging holes using the skid steer. Once we stand the post, we let them sit for 24 hours to let the concrete footings dry. After that, we would slide the panels between the posts and place the panel caps on top to lock everything in place. That is what a typical workweek for our crews looks like. However, there are exceptions and some jobs can get tricky. Don’t worry though, our crew supervisors have decades of experience and will provide training on any skill needed in the field.

You might think that construction work isn’t in demand because it’s hard labor, but that would be incorrect. While construction is manual labor, it is more like a really good workout a few times a week. The best part is that you are paid while you do it and you’ll have a valuable skillset you can use throughout your life. Precast Concrete fencing is used internationally and is especially popular in South Africa, just in case you wanted to work abroad. Another perk you may experience is a better night’s sleep. Some individuals struggle to go to sleep at night because they are not physically tired. This won’t be the case while working on our crew. 

While many of our crew members live in the East Texas area, they get to travel all over Texas and the surrounding areas to work on different projects. They have worked on schools, homes, and businesses providing secure and durable concrete fences. Often when a property owner chooses to invest in a concrete fence, there is a specific reason. It could be a city ordinance or an attempt to secure privacy and reduce noise. Regardless of the reason, our crews install your fence with the same diligence they would give their own home. 

At Hilltop Concrete, we strive to make sure every employee and customer is taken care of because they all have value. You can also view our employment opportunities here. We encourage you to reach out to our office by email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or by calling our office at 903-630-5465 if you would like a quote or have any questions! We look forward to hearing from you!