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Why Concrete Fences are Superior

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There are a multitude of reasons why you may need to install a fence. Whether that is screening for a mulit-family development, meeting city code requirements, providing privacy, keeping your pets and children safe, or even a sound barrier, fencing systems are there to provide exactly what you need.

But with all the available fencing options, like wood, chainlink, wrought iron, steel, vinyl, and precast concrete, how do you know which option is right for you? That is where Hilltop Concrete comes in with a dedicated team member to explain why precast concrete fencing systems is the superior choice over other fencing options.

With our concrete being 5,000 PSI strength, Hilltop Concrete’s precast concrete components offer both strength and durability that other fencing materials cannot beat. Our precast concrete components are manufactured with concrete while being reinforced with rebar. What this means is that our fencing systems are not affected by weather, rot, fire, termites, or even warping. They provide long-term longevity when compared to other fencing materials! 

Hilltop Concrete’s precast concrete fences are manufactured in a controlled environment making our production superior. To make installation much smoother to control, we ship out the material to each job site as needed. Our concrete fence will have your project moving along quicker on schedule than a traditional fence. 

With all of our precast concrete fence components being precast, we do not have to worry about the wait for concrete curing on site. So this benefits everyone by minimizing the overall cost of associated with the product. Thai benefit means we can minimize the overall cost associated with the product. Additionally speaking, the quickness and comfort of installation save money by keeping labor costs at the least possible. Finally, the long-term cost associated with most fencing, such as costly and timely annual maintenance are eliminated when you choose our precast concrete fencing system.

At Hilltop Concrete, we believe in the durability and quality of our products! We are proud to service all areas of Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin, and offer full-turnkey services to all of our customers throughout the country. For more information about our products or to learn how Hilltop Concrete is the superior choice for a concrete fence contractor, please reach out to us today via email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us at 903-630-5465.