Masonry walls are a popular choice for many outdoor wall projects but many people are often deterred by the cost of a masonry wall. Hilltop Concrete can replicate the beauty that traditional masonry provides at a fraction of the cost with a precast concrete wall that is a very attractive design option that can be utilized for any project.

One of the greatest benefits of a precast concrete fence system is that we are able to provide a turnkey product without having to wait for concrete to cure onsite. This benefit means that we are able to minimize the overall cost associated with the product right from the start because the waiting time is over before the product even arrives at the site for installation. Additionally, with a precast concrete fence, a continuous footer is not required and we only use site-poured concrete to set our piers for each post. Masonry walls require a continuous and heavy foundation that requires extensive preparation to the ground and higher concrete costs. Our precast concrete fence systems eliminate substantial costs as the amount of site-poured concrete is kept to a minimum and labor hours are reduced on site. 

Speaking of reducing man hours on site; count precast concrete fence systems for the win every time! The speed and ease of installation of a precast concrete fence versus a masonry wall is a large factor that reduces the overall costs. Masonry walls are extremely labor-intensive because they require individual bricks or stones to be placed one at a time by a professional mason. This is not the case with Hilltop Concrete’s precast fences. Our precast modular systems allow for an installation process that is streamlined and simple, once again, reducing man hours on-site and saving money! Long, labor-intensive installations are made obsolete with precast concrete fences due to our system design and help reduce costs associated with installation significantly when compared with a masonry wall.

Maintenance costs over the lifetime of a system should also be considered when evaluating the overall cost and is usually an item that is overlooked until it is needed. Extreme weather causes masonry to degrade and lose coloration over time. In turn, this means that a masonry structure will require costly repairs to maintain its original beauty and structure. Additionally, masonry relies on the mortar they are set with for its structure and stability. Over time this mortar will crack and deteriorate. The cracks in mortar allow for moisture to begin penetrating the structure and will eventually lead to damage and decline of the structural stability of a masonry wall. This deterioration will result in the need for extreme repairs, or even complete replacement, in order to ensure the integrity of a masonry feature. Unfortunately, when a masonry wall needs repairs it is usually not a simple DIY fix and a professional mason is usually required. With one of Hilltop Concrete’s precast concrete fence systems, you are provided a system that is virtually maintenance-free meaning you never have to worry about fading, warping, or replacing due to deterioration. In the event that repairs are ever needed, our modular system allows for quick and easy repairs that do not require a professional for installation.

The undeniable qualities of precast concrete combined with our products’ installation system give you a finished product that is going to last a lifetime! Hilltop’s precast systems can provide you with the same aesthetics as a traditional masonry wall while saving you time and money. You can trust Hilltop Concrete to help plan your next project! For more information, please contact Hilltop by email at or call us today at 903-630-5465.