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Manufacturing Concrete Fencing

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At Hilltop Concrete we are proud of our precast concrete fences and the components we use to install our systems. Each of our precast concrete products is manufactured at our yard in Texas and delivered to each job site ready to be installed. There is a good reason why we use precast concrete for all of our fencing systems. It provides many benefits to a project, including quick and easy installation, it is aesthetically pleasing and it provides a high-quality, higher-strength product since it is produced in a controlled environment. Today we will explain how we manufacture our precast concrete fence products. 

Precast concrete has been around since Roman times. The Romans became the first to begin using precast concrete by pouring a crude form of concrete into molds and wooden forms. Within the last 50 years, modern precast fences started to emerge in Europe and Africa. They were primitive concrete panels and posts that had a texture on one side and were made in steel trays that had a pattern embedded into the bottom. The open side of the molds was smooth, flat concrete. Over the years, the technological advances of those primitive fence systems set the foundation for the creation of today’s advanced textures and patterns. Hilltop Concrete offers multiple pattern options to choose from such as our most popular StackedStone system, our classic OldBrick system and our rustic RanchRail system.

We begin our manufacturing process by prepping our proprietary molds. We do so by applying a form release to the molds to ensure the concrete releases easily from the mold after it is cured. Once the molds are ready we mix our concrete and prepare for each batch to be poured. All of our precast concrete fence components are manufactured using 5,000 PSI strength concrete so our team carefully measures out each ingredient to ensure our specifications are met with each batch. Once the concrete mixture is correct, our team carefully pours the mixture into the molds and strategically places rebar throughout the mold. The rebar is used to provide additional strength to each of our precast concrete components. Immediately after the concrete is poured, the curing process begins. The controlled environment of a precast factory enables the product to properly cure and reach the full design strength much quicker than site-poured concrete. Once the concrete has had time to reach the desired strength required to remove the mold without causing damage to the components, our team carefully releases the molds to reveal the final product. They are carefully placed on pallets to continue the curing process. The components are then ready to be shipped to the site and installation can begin!

At Hilltop Concrete we are not shy about bragging about the quality of our products and the benefits of using precast concrete products. We only offer the highest quality precast concrete and our customer service is unmatched. If you are ready to begin your precast concrete fence project or if you have additional questions, please reach out to us at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us at 903-630-5465 to learn how we can become your trusted precast concrete fence contractor today!