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Top 3 Moments of HTC in 2023

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We have had a great year here at Hilltop Concrete and I could write about it all, but here are the top 3 moments of our company that we would like to share with you all. 

First, we cherish our work families and time spent together so much that we hosted two family separate days/nights this year! The first one was hosted at Hollytree Country Club while the HTC guys went to play golf that morning, the HTC girls took the kids to the pool. Once the golfing rounds were done, the guys joined us at the pool where we spent the day visiting and having fun. The adults and children had so much fun interacting that we did not want it to end. Our second family night was hosted in the fall at Times Square Grand Slam here in Tyler, TX and our beloved families had a blast bowling and just spending quality time together as a whole. These days are memorable for us and will not be forgotten! 

Second, Hilltop Concrete completed the Catholic Diocese of Dallas project. Catholic Diocese of Dallas needed us for a project on their Retreat Center property on S Madison Ave in Dallas. Due to some issues in the past with crime, they needed a secure option to keep their visitors safe as they visited the retreat center. Hilltop Concrete installed 650 linear feet of 8’ StackedStone to help beautify their property and keep their visitors safe!

 Lastly, we have the Fountainview of Farmersville project that we are completing. Hilltop Concrete is installing 1925 linear feet of 6’ StackedStone for a new multifamily complex. This project is a visual screen between the residential and the multifamily community that adds to the aesthetics of the new multifamily complex being built while also providing security. 

With all that being said, Hilltop Concrete had an amazing year! Just remember, if you are newly in the market for a precast concrete fence or are ready to buy, we at HTC are ready to assist you. You can email us at hell@hilltopconcreteco.com or you can call us at the office at (903) 630-5465. Here’s to many more experiences to come!