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The Value of Concrete Fencing Solutions

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Did you know that the ancient Romans used concrete to build their cities and landmarks as early as 600 BCE? They used concrete for the same reason many folks invest in a concrete fence today; the material is affordable and durable. In today’s world, there are even more reasons to invest in concrete fencing. The versatility and efficiency of concrete fencing solutions only add to the benefits the ancient Romans discovered. Keep reading to explore the value of investing in concrete fencing to add longevity and beauty to your property. 

The Affordability of Concrete Fencing

Concrete consists of aggregate - sand, stone, and other natural materials that are bonded together with cement. It is extremely easy to produce. 

When it comes to comparing concrete to other fencing materials, it sets a competitive bar. A pre-cast concrete fence costs about the same as a well-made wooden fence and is cheaper than stone walls or metal fencing. The average pre-cast concrete fence costs about $10-$20 a square foot versus a wood fence that costs around $20-$45 per square foot. 

The Durability of Concrete Fencing

If the durability of materials is what you need in a fence, concrete is the way to go. The team at Hilltop Concrete knows just how much damage a storm can do to your wood or vinyl fence. Weather poses a significant risk for any fencing material, especially in areas prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. Concrete fencing far outlasts wood, vinyl, and metal fencing materials against extreme weather winds and water damage.

Weather aside, concrete fencing lasts longer than traditional wooden fences and vinyl materials. A pre-cast concrete fence is cured within a controlled environment, guaranteeing a level of security and longevity of twenty years or longer without the need for maintenance or repairs. 

Concrete seldom needs repairs, and when it does, a pre-cast concrete fence repair takes little time or money. Concrete fencing professionals, like the experts at Hilltop Concrete, can repair most pre-cast concrete fences with a masonry patch.

The Versatility of Concrete Fencing

Most people don’t consider concrete as an attractive option for fencing, but it certainly can be. Concrete fences have come a long way from the blocky, boring walls that come to mind with the word concrete. 

Pre-cast concrete fence materials come in every color and texture you could want in a fence. The coloring and texturing techniques used for pre-cast fencing make them virtually indistinguishable from stone walls at a fraction of the cost. They can even be tinted to look like terracotta, brick, or granite. 

The Efficiency of Concrete Fencing

Producing a pre-cast concrete fence is different from pouring a concrete wall. Factories produce pre-cast concrete fences in a controlled environment. The fencing comes in sheets of concrete that are prefabricated and ready for installing. 

Traditional fencing may take a week to install. Wood fences require each post to be installed, while professionals install pre-cast concrete sheet-by-sheet, covering a larger area faster. Instead of waiting days for concrete to cure, pre-cast concrete fences are stable and ready to use right away. 

If you’re looking for a durable, valuable investment for your home’s fence, reach out to our team at Hilltop Concrete. Our experts can help you create your ideal concrete fence that suits your budget and design needs. Give us a call at 903-630-5465 to schedule your free consultation today!