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Repair or Replace your Concrete Fence

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Precast concrete fences are known for their low maintenance and durability that can last a lifetime but sometimes things happen. Over the years of having your precast concrete fence can face a multitude of things such as people, mowing crews, animals, unpredictable weather, and sometimes car accidents. In most of these cases,, sealing a crack or replacing a panel will extend the longevity of your concrete fence and maintain its aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, not all damage can be patched and repaired when it comes to precast concrete fence systems. Your concrete fence was an expensive purchase and you want it to last, so let Hilltop Concrete’s 23+ years of experience help you decide to repair or replace your fence.


The best time to look for chips or cracks is when doing your quarterly maintenance on your precast concrete fence. Taking a look at your fence quarterly will help you check for cracks and chips that are easily fixable and won’t turn into a costly repair. Walking your fence when doing maintenance or washing it will also help you check for areas that are sinking or leaning posts that are in need of repair. Leaning posts can cause damage to the structure of the rest of the fence, so you would want to reset each leaning post. While a leaning post repair may be hard to determine whether it is an easy fix yourself or not, you can reach out to Hilltop Concrete to get our expert opinion on why the post is leaning and what the best route of options may be.


We understand not everyone likes to do DIY repairs, but if you are, Hilltop Concrete’s panel systems are simple enough to work with. For a single damaged panel, you can replace all the panels in that section to reach the damaged one, replace the damaged panel and restack the unharmed panels. But let’s say you are not a DIYer, Hilltop Concrete is always a phone call away to get the job done for you.


If the repair will be costly to you, one of our expert team members can and will recommend a replacement of your precast concrete fence. While replacement of your fence may seem costly, it may save you money in the long run for future repairs and maintenance while giving you another 30+ years of a beautiful precast concrete fence that you will be proud of. 


Excellent customer service is what we strive for at Hilltop Concrete and with that being said, let us help you! Whether that is a replacement of your fence system or even a minor repair, we have you covered. Shoot us an email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or give one of our dedicated team members a call at (903) 630-5465.