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Precast vs Wood

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Precast Concrete Fence vs. Traditional Wood Fence

Fences are used for a multitude of reasons for both residential and commercial properties. For a residential property owner, quality fencing is a go-to option for providing containment options for pets, children and livestock, privacy from neighbors, security for peace of mind, and adding aesthetic value to the property. For commercial developers, utility companies and public works projects, fences are used for an abundance of reasons some including security barriers, sounds walls, and screening walls. But deciding what type of fence to install can be a little challenging with all of the fencing options available in today’s market. Before making the investment, a property owner should consider options and determine what kind of fence is best for their specific needs.

Hilltop Concrete is here to help and provide a little insight into the benefits of precast concrete fences versus traditional wooden fences.

Wood Fence

Traditional wood fences are clearly a popular fencing option, however, this does not mean it is the best fencing option for your project.

Disadvantages of traditional wooden fences:

Susceptible to elements

Susceptible to termites, rot, fungus, warping, and fading

Limited lifespan: Approximate average lifespan of 10 years depending on maintenance

Costly annual maintenance over the years, including re-staining, repairs and replacement of warped or broken boards and posts and basic cleaning. Additionally, the cleaning process often furthers the degrading of a wooden fence

Generally, installers will not provide a warranty on wood fences due to the natural characteristics of wood

Precast Concrete Fence

Precast concrete fences are an exceptional alternative to wooden fences by providing excellent benefits.

Some of the benefits of precast concrete fences:

Not susceptible to natural elements

Not susceptible to termites, rot, fungus, warping or fading

No maintenance

Superior longevity: Lifespan of a precast concrete fence will easily last 25+ years

Aesthetically pleasing: looks newer longer, blends with surrounding natural elements, and can be painted to create a customized look

Warranty: Hilltop Concrete offers a 5-year warranty

Whether you are considering a fence for containment, privacy, security, aesthetics, or noise reduction, Hilltop Concrete can provide the solution with our precast fence systems which are manufactured in stacked stone, old brick, and crafted-wood patterns. For more information, please contact Hilltop Concrete at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or at 903-630-5465.