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Precast Concrete Fence vs Masonry Walls

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Masonry walls are popular for many outdoor wall projects, and they are also often a requirement of cities. Whether your project is for a utility site, a commercial project, or even public works Hilltop Concrete’s concrete fences are an attractive alternative that can be utilized for almost any project. Our concrete fences are the perfect way to replicate the beauty that traditional masonry while providing all the benefits of precast and concrete! The most important is that Hilltop Concrete provides the experience and great service that will make your fence project a true success.

Traditional masonry differs from our precast fences because they require a heavy supportive footer, are more labor-intensive, and require good weather for curing. While we replicate the look of hand-laid stone and brick, all of our pieces are cast at secure manufacturing facilities using our proprietary molds. Therefore, we can minimize the overall cost of the product. Additionally, the speed and ease of installation reduce labor costs. Masonry walls require a great deal of labor, which means higher labor costs. They also need a heavy foundation, while our systems only require a foundation for the posts. This eliminates substantial costs as the amount of site poured concrete required is kept to a minimum.

Concrete is also a very durable material. Masonry deteriorates and loses its color due to extreme weather conditions. Due to this, masonry structures require costly repairs over time to maintain their original beauty and structure. Hilltop’s concrete fences are virtually maintenance-free, so you don't have to worry about fading, warping, or replacing pieces. We manufacture them using 5000 PSI concrete and reinforce each piece with rebar. While we do hope you never need to, repairs are as easy as switching out broken components with new ones. If you’re not a DIY fan, Hilltop also does repairs. 

Masonry walls are attractive due to their beauty, but the choices available can be limited. Hilltop offers several styles of replicating hand-laid stone, limestone, brick, and different types of wood.  All of our fences can be painted to match any environment, meaning that your wall can be customized to your style. Have the fence you want now and 25 or more years from now. You can trust Hilltop Concrete to help plan your next project! For more information, please contact Hilltop by email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us today at 903-630-5465.