What is Precast?

Precast simply means that the structure, in this case, your concrete fence, was cast somewhere other than where it will be used. Hilltop Concrete's proprietary molds are used at secure locations to manufacture the concrete fence components, where it is then shipped to the project location. PSI, pounds per square inch, is the rating used for measuring the compression strength of concrete. Hilltop’s precast fences are manufactured using 5,000 PSI concrete to ensure superior strength and durability.

The short history of precast concrete...

Around 1300 BC, builders in the Middle East discovered how to make a hard cement-like coating by covering their clay homes with burned limestone – the precursor to modern cement. Just a few centuries later, the Romans had begun to mix crushed limestone and other soft rocks with sand and water to create an early form of concrete. Pouring this concrete into molds or wooden forms helped form the intricate aqueduct systems and catacombs that are still standing today. In this respect, the earliest versions of precast concrete were instrumental in inspiring the expansion of many large cities in Europe and Asia. It’s also a testament to how truly durable concrete is as a building structure

Precast concrete fences...

The precursor to the modern precast concrete fences seen today began in Europe and Africa about 50 years ago. They were primitive concrete panels and posts that had a pattern only on one side. They were made by pouring concrete into steel trays or “pan” molds that had a pattern on the bottom. The open side was smooth, flat concrete, and the other side matched the pattern in the pan. Companies now utilize state-of-the-art robotics to ensure concrete fence molds maintain dimensional accuracy, consistency, and structural integrity for all components. They can even create custom molds for projects with specific needs, such as a taller wall or panels with inserts or cut-outs.

Today, precast concrete is widely used for a multitude of projects, ranging from structural building elements to landscape aesthetics. Modern upgrades to reinforcement methods have only made an already sturdy material even sturdier and longer-lasting. Hilltop COncrete uses rebar and in some cases wire mesh to ensure our products last a lifetime. Our company specializes in precast concrete fence styles, such as StackedStone, OldBrick, ChiselStone, WoodCast, and RanchRail. Our fences are used on a wide range of projects consisting of substation enclosures to multi-family screening walls to personal residential privacy fences. If you are interested in utilizing one of our precast concrete fence systems on one of your projects please contact us at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or 903-630-5465.