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The Difference Between Cement & Concrete

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Cement and concrete, generally these words are used interchangeably but they are not the same thing.  Cement is actually one of the ingredients in concrete and comprises roughly 10-15% of the concrete mix design. At Hilltop Concrete, our concrete fencing is used for all different types of applications including commercial, public works, residential developments, and utility sites. Concrete is a great fencing option because it is strong, sturdy, and durable. As you consider installing a concrete fence at your site, it’s important to know how concrete differs from cement.

According to specifyconcrete.org, “cement is a binding agent that can be used to stick various building materials together.” Concrete is “a durable building material that uses cement as one of its components.”Other ingredients in concrete include stone, water, and sand. Once water is added to cement, a chemical reaction called hydration occurs to form a paste that binds the aggregates of sand and stone. Once hardened, the mixture forms the rock-like substance known as concrete. The vast majority of the hardening occurs within the first 28 days but concrete will continue to harden for years to come.

Cement is a great binding agent but it is not a strong material. When used alone, it is prone to cracking. Concrete is a strong, durable material that can last for hundreds of years. It is resistant to weather, chemicals, and abrasions and can last up to 20+ maintenance-free years. Since our fences are precast, they are quick and easy to install. Another benefit is the security that concrete fences give a property. The fences are very strong, manufactured using 5,000 PSI strength concrete with rebar reinforcement. Our fences provide top-level security and privacy for your property. Our concrete fencing is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, which are important factors to many businesses and homeowners.

The uses of concrete are as endless as your imagination can take you. Here at Hilltop Concrete, we use our concrete to manufacture precast concrete fences and screening walls. From the durability to the longevity of these fences, they are a great option for any type of property. In addition, they are extremely strong and provide a high level of security that you might not get with other types of fencing.  If we can assist you with your next concrete fence project, please feel free to email us at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us at (903) 630-5465.