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Painting Your Concrete Fence

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Painting Your Concrete Fence

Do you like the idea and benefits of a precast concrete fence, but don’t like the look of the natural gray finish? Well, look no further we have a solution! Painting your fence is an easy asset to any project that you might have. Customizing your color of choice can give great diversity to the final outcome of your project, which allows your beautiful fence to be one of a kind.One of the most frequently asked questions at Hilltop Concrete is, can I paint my fence? The answer to that question is 100% YES! Actually, we encourage you to do so. We believe the paint provides a seamless and uniform appearance and can take a dull gray fence to a radiant show stopper. Not bashing the natural look of concrete, there are plenty of customers who want it in its raw natural state. That is totally fine too, it is a personal preference, and everyone has different opinions. The nice thing is you have options to set your fence apart from others. 

Another great question is, can we color-match to existing paint? The answer to that question is 100% YES! That is what makes this process nice, whether you are doing repairs to an existing fence, adding on to your project, or building a brand new one, color matching makes it easy to do all of those things. You may want your fence to blend in or you may want it to stand out from its surroundings. No matter what your desire is, we can make it happen. 

Question…Will the color last, and is it high maintenance? We’re so glad you asked. A precast concrete fence will remain virtually maintenance-free for years longer than other fencing options, even after painting, because we use outdoor latex paint that is resistant to fading and abrasion. If something does happen to your fence you will have the paint to touch it up, and it will look new again. That’s great news and not high maintenance at all. 

It doesn't matter what you decide to do on your next project, there is no wrong answer. Leaving it raw, choosing your favorite color, or color-matching to existing finishes on your property, are all great choices. Please let us know how we can help you, and if you have any questions about painting your precast concrete fence.  Please reach out to us via email or call us at 903-630-5465.