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Excavating Concrete Fence Post Holes

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Hilltop Concrete is unique in that we only manufacture and install our concrete fences. Unlike more common types of fencing, our fences require a sturdier footing. We work with architects and engineers to determine the depth and width a footer will require before any project is started. Factors we take into account when determining the footer size include but are not limited to wind loads, soil type, fence height, and freeze/thaw requirements. We review each project site in person before we start digging to ensure that your new fence lasts no matter what mother nature throws at it.

Before you dig, always call 8-1-1. Don’t turn your fence line into a hit line. After ensuring there are no utility lines affecting your planned fence line, you can dig your post holes one of two ways. At Hilltop Concrete, we prefer to use a skid steer with an auger attachment to drill our post holes. A skid steer is a small, versatile piece of equipment used primarily for digging. With a variety of attachments, it is ideal for small landscaping or construction jobs. The wheels hold a fixed, straight alignment and do not turn, giving it its name. We use an auger bit attachment to drill holes for fences either 18”-24” in diameter, depending on the project. Essential this attachment removes dirt just like a hand auger but far easier. You can also dig your post holes by hand and in some cases, it may be required due to other factors. For example, if you only have 5-ft of clearance, you’ll be digging your post holes by hand. 

Whether you dig by hand or with a skid steer, the post holes would be placed 5-ft on center. We usually mark off a 100-ft run or 20 holes at a time. Using this method will allow you to make any necessary adjustments. A post hole can then be dug according to the footing requirements of the job; for a standard six-foot wall, the post hole should be at least 12" in diameter and 32" deep. However, each project is unique and may require different footer depths and diameters based on several factors. If we installed a 14-foot fence for a customer, the footers would be 8′ 6′′ deep with a diameter of 18′′-24′′ depending on whether they were end or line posts. That's taller than most people. 

So whether you have a 14-ft fence or a 6-ft fence, Hilltop Concrete’s concrete fencing is a great choice. We provide a comprehensive installation guide with each purchase of material and we are happy to answer any questions during the installation process as well. As a premier concrete fence contractor, Hilltop Concrete’s expertise is unmatched. Call us at 903-630-5465 or email hello@hilltopconcreteco.com today to see how we can help you get the concrete fence of your dreams.