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Hilltop Concrete in Dallas, TX

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Known for its striking night skyline, numerous Fortune 500 companies, and being the home of five professional sports teams, Dallas, Texas was originally developed due to the construction of major railroad lines through the area and was booming by the end of the 19th century. Throughout its history, Dallas has always been known to attract new residents because it is a haven for goods, services, and entertainment. Dallas is now the 3rd largest city in Texas and continues to evolve and grow at an exceptional rate. With this population growth comes the need for additional infrastructure and growth in development and businesses. There is no doubt about it: Dallas is BOOMING and, at Hilltop Concrete, we LOVE The Big D and The Big D loves us!

Hilltop Concrete is a premier concrete fence contractor in Dallas and we are proud to serve the City of Dallas by providing full-turnkey precast concrete fencing solutions to all of our customers in this area. Dallas is our home away from home and is one of our largest service areas for new installs. Our precast concrete fencing systems have been used all over Dallas for a number of applications, including fencing, sound barriers, property dividers, perimeter walls, and screening walls. We have helped protect neighborhoods, multifamily developments and even work to protect Dallas’s greatest assets like utilities, public works, and large-scale commercial projects. 

As a precast concrete fence contractor and manufacturer, Hilltop Concrete specializes in manufacturing and installing high-quality, cost-effective, and maintenance-free precast concrete fences in Dallas. All of our precast concrete panels, posts, and caps have natural texture integrated into both sides to provide our customers with a beautiful and uniform system from both sides of the fence. Coupled with the ability to paint all of our installations in any imaginable color, we are sure to find a solution that works for any project. This results in a beautiful addition to your Dallas precast concrete fence project with an undisputed level of aesthetic appeal. Providing beauty and brawn, all of our precast fence components are manufactured with 5,000 PSI concrete and steel reinforced to provide our customers with an unbeatable strength that other fencing options just cannot meet. Incredibly strong and attractive, our precast concrete fence systems are manufactured to withstand the various natural elements and weather, from the extremely humid and hot summers to cold and wet winters, that the City of Dallas experiences.

When you are searching for the premier precast concrete manufacturer and contractor in Dallas, TX, you can count on Hilltop Concrete to assist with all of your precast concrete fence needs. We know precast and we do it right! From start to finish, our team of experts is available to help you with all of your precast concrete fencing needs in Dallas. Our main office is headquartered in East Texas with projects located throughout Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Waco and we offer shipping options to our customers outside of Texas. Reach out to us today at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or by phone at 903-630-5465 to learn more about our products and how we can become your trusted concrete fence contractor in Dallas!