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Concrete Fence Style Guide

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At Hilltop Concrete, our precast concrete fence systems are designed to provide exceptional fencing options to enclose a specific area, provide a safe and secure environment, act as a sound barrier, or provide a visual screening wall. We always talk about the practicality and durability of our precast concrete fence systems but we want you to know they also provide beauty and a unique aesthetic feature to your project. When choosing a precast concrete fence system, aesthetics are a priority and should not be overlooked. That is why we offer a number of textures and endless color options that will ensure your precast concrete fence system is exactly what you desire for your project.

In order to choose the right precast concrete fence system for your project, you should first look at your property. Take in the details and colors around your property that appeal to you. For example, is there a feature on your property that you can match, or even contrast, in a flattering way? Or you could find an aspect of your property that you wish to enhance. These details will help determine the concrete fence style that will best complement your property. 

You can explore the texture options that are offered by Hilltop Concrete to find the best option that provides the desired aesthetic that you want for your project. We have a selection of patterns that you can choose from and our dedicated team is always happy to discuss the different options with you to ensure you are well-informed prior to making your final decision. Hilltop Concrete has you covered whether you are looking for a stone, brick, or wood look. Our precast concrete fence patterns include StackedStone, OldBrick, ChiselStone, WoodCast, and RanchRail. And all of our precast concrete panels and posts are textured on both sides so no matter what pattern you choose, you have a complete system, front, and back!

Recommended but optional is the paint color for your concrete fence. Painting your concrete fence means that color choices will never limit you and you gain the ability to make your fence blend in or stand out from surrounding features. Our team here at Hilltop Concrete will help you select the perfect color for your concrete fence and we love watching our concrete fence systems transform before our eyes during the application of color. Whether you decide to use one of our most popular color choices or you want to match a color already integrated into your project or property, choosing to paint your concrete fence allows us to transform a dull, colorless wall into a beautiful design element.

As a trusted concrete fence contractor, Hilltop Concrete has manufactured and installed our systems for an array of customers and each one is customized to suit their individual needs. With countless ways to customize your precast concrete fence, we are confident that we can provide a finished project that exceeds your expectations so you are pleased no matter your style preferences. Contact Hilltop Concrete today at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us at 903-630-5465 to learn more about our products. You can also visit our website at www.hilltopconcreteco.com to view our products, learn about their applications, and view photos from our gallery!