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Meet Our Concrete Fence Products

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It is common knowledge that a fence is an upright structure that encloses an area for a multitude of reasons, including to mark boundaries, provide security, control access, provide containment options or to provide visual screening. And fences are constructed in many forms, including chain link, wood, vinyl, iron, and even concrete. When someone thinks of a fence, they likely picture a wooden fence, however, over time, the formerly popular wooden fence has been displaced by materials that provide greater benefits over longer periods of time. Hence, the introduction of precast concrete fences. Over 50 years ago, primitive concrete panels and posts were first made in Europe and Africa. Over the years, the technological advancements of those concrete fence molds, and their efficiencies, set the foundation for the creation of today's advanced textures and patterns. Today, Hilltop Concrete offers multiple pattern options that mimic stone, brick and even wood! Each of our systems has the pattern integrated on both sides of each of our precast concrete fence components providing a uniform appearance that both sides of the fence get to appreciate!

Our StackedStone system is our most popular precast concrete fence system. It offers the complete textural appearance of hand-laid stacked stone and has the ability to blend in beautifully with any surrounding element.

Our OldBrick system offers the beauty of American brick while providing the undisputed characteristics of precast concrete. This system is a popular choice because of its ability to integrate with any existing brick structures.

Our RanchRail system offers our customers the appearance of true wood-grain rail that is not susceptible to the challenges that traditional wood rail fences face. This system is an excellent option for any property owner wanting to add an undisputed level of prestige to their property.

Our WoodCast system offers the timeless appearance of shiplap with the strength and benefits that precast concrete provides. With its rich crafted wood design and beautiful detail, this system is sure to provide a fresh and elegant design element to any property.

Our ChiselStone system is a unique pattern providing the appearance of chiseled slate masonry at a fraction of the cost. Crafted for durability and appearance, this system is ideal for any type of fencing or screening wall project.

The success of the aesthetic and structural benefits of concrete fences has created an enormous demand for concrete fences as residential and commercial development privacy and noise screens, as well as federal, municipal and utility companies. At Hilltop Concrete, we strive to provide an exceptional product that is second to none and we take great pride in providing our customers all over the nation with top-notch customer service. When paired together, our customers reap the benefits!

For more information on our products or to learn how Hilltop Concrete can become your trusted concrete fence contractor, please reach us at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call our office at 903-630-5465.