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Precast Concrete Fences as Sound Barriers

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Sound Barriers are a key aspect when creating residential developments near busy roads or creating commercial developments close to a residential neighborhood. At Hilltop Concrete, we strive in giving the very best option for a sound barrier. Did you know that precast concrete fences are used as barriers of sound for homeowners, HOAs, Public Works projects, Developers, and sometimes even utilities? Well, if you didn’t, you definitely do now! 

HTC has done a significant amount of installations for many people to create sound barriers. Let’s dive into a couple of them! 

For starters, we installed a StackedStone precast concrete fence for 690 linear feet at 9’ tall for the Park Preston HOA in Dallas,TX. HTC was contacted by the HOA president to create a significant sound barrier between the residents’ homes and the ever-so-busy toll road that was just across the alley. We had 13 residents who participated in the project to receive a low-maintenance option that each of them would enjoy the benefits of. 

Last but not least, Hilltop Concrete was contacted to create a sound barrier for Hiland Dairy in Tyler, TX for their noisy dairy factory close to residential homes in a small area of the city. HTC was asked to use our popular StackedStone product to complete the 1,180 linear foot fence that was 8’ tall. The precast concrete fence helped keep the noise level down for the nearby neighbors. 

So, with all that being said, if you are looking for options of sound barriers, I would highly recommend looking into our precast concrete fence options. You can call, email, message us on social media, and even stop by our office to get more information from either myself (Ashley), Chris, or Jeni! Hope to hear from you soon!