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Marketing Concrete Fencing in 2021

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You may be wondering why a precast concrete fence company is writing an article on marketing. We build concrete fences, what could we know about marketing? Well, how did you find us? What path did you take to read this article? Dictionary.com defines marketing as, "the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising." However, the purpose of marketing is to find out who is the best customer for your business and how best to communicate with them.

At Hilltop Concrete, we’ve employed numerous marketing strategies over the years. We of course have traditional advertisements such as paper brochures, business cards, and our website but we also utilized Google ads, social media platforms, and email marketing for a large percent of our marketing efforts now. In fact, the recent move to more modern methods of marketing happened as a direct result of the COVID-19 lockdown. When no one is going anywhere, you have to bring your advertisements to them or hope they get lucky and your business comes up on the first search page. 

One of the first steps our company took towards a more modern marketing strategy was that we asked ourselves what is the biggest challenge customers face in finding our company. Do we appear on the first page of an internet search? What are customers typing in the search bar to find us or not find us as the case may be? Can someone in Houston search for concrete fences and still find our company? Most of those answers were no but we had the tools to change that. We continue to learn what our customers are searching for and strive to make the adjustments necessary so we can make the initial introductions to them. Utilizing online advertising has helped make our company reach the right people in the right areas. 

Another challenge our company faced was the lack of awareness of what precast concrete fences were or that they even existed. Since our pieces are designed to look like real wood, stone, and brick, most may not realize the lovely fence they see every day is not real wood or brick. We started the blog for this very reason, to educate on an undervalued but diverse product. Our goal is to provide plenty of information if someone is interested in finding out more about precast concrete fences or our company.  With that in mind, we also utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to share information and communicate with potential customers. If you haven’t logged on, you should! At Hilltop Concrete, we value knowledge and are willing to share and educate any and all who want to learn including our employees. 

Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning your project or ready to make a commitment, Hilltop Concrete is here to assist you with all your precast concrete fencing needs. We take the time to make sure all of our precast components are of the highest quality. After all, we would never approve a material component we wouldn’t be comfortable installing on our own property. If you are ready to get started on your project or have additional questions, Hilltop Concrete is ready to answer your call! Please reach out to us via email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or feel free to call our office at 903-630-5465.