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Concrete Screening Wall: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors!

The beauty of creating a gated or residential neighborhood is that it gives people a sense of community. There is no point in building an entire subdivision and not closing it in to give people the feeling that they have seclusion. If you want to make your residential housing seem more like a neighborhood where people can set up roots, then a concrete screening wall is the perfect way to bring people together.

What Is a Concrete Screening Wall?

A concrete screening wall separates homes from the rest of the world. They come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. Some are constructed for soundproofing, others for security. Still, others have the job of doubling as a retaining wall to stop the erosion of the soil and degradation to a plot’s grading. They are the perfect way to keep the things inside them safe and sound.

Advantages of a Concrete Screening Wall

There are many advantages to using a concrete screening wall for your home or residential community. If you want to have a front gate that is either keyed or monitored with staff, the thick wall sends a message to the outside world and gives those living in the community a feeling of security. Unlike other fencing materials, they also create great curbside appeal when people are entering the neighborhood. Depending on the style and texture you choose, it can add a rich feel to luxury residential homes.

A Variety of Designs

You can choose from a variety of concrete screening wall designs to get a look that matches the home(s) that it will surround. You can choose to leave the top open or lattice style so that you can get a glimpse of the other side. Or, you can block everything out completely and make your home a fortress. The type of concrete screening wall you choose will set the ambiance for the homes that the wall separates and the style that you want to show to everyone on the other side.

If you are looking for fencing material that will stand the test of time, concrete screening walls are it. They are highly durable, fade-resistant, and provide excellent security. For a residential community, there is no better separation material to use than concrete. Like Robert Frost wrote, "Good fences make good neighbors." If you’re interested in a concrete screening wall for your project, check out Hilltop Concrete today!