At Hilltop Concrete, we take great pride in building exceptional precast concrete fence systems that can be used on virtually any project. Whether our customers are looking to provide containment options around their property, define boundaries, provide security, or act as a sound barrier or screening wall, our systems can meet their needs. But we want to make sure that while we are busy building better structures we are also mindful of building a better world while we’re at it. This means turning to eco-friendly, sustainable building materials to complete the projects we work on in order to reduce the environmental impact of our builds and construct a final product that will last a lifetime!

Our focus on sustainability starts in our manufacturing facility. Unlike traditional poured concrete, our process for manufacturing all of our precast concrete components involves the use of proprietary molds, which can be used again and again. This means we do not have to rebuild molds for each project, eliminating waste and preventing materials from only being able to be used once. This is a substantially cleaner and more efficient system than site-poured concrete and because we manufacture all of our material in a controlled environment we are able to avoid many of the missteps that regular concrete production makes. Additionally, we are always able to reuse any extra concrete that doesn’t get used in a given product. 

One of the top reasons why precast concrete is an undisputed sustainable building material is that it is extremely durable and weather-resistant. Unlike traditional wooden fencing or masonry walls, a precast concrete fence system will not need to be replaced anytime soon once it is installed. A precast concrete fence is not susceptible to natural elements, will not rust, rot, warp or burn and ultimately minimizes the cost of long-term maintenance that other material options require. What other material can provide the proven durability and longevity of precast concrete? 

Sustainability does not mean that you have to give up luxury. Because all of our precast concrete fence systems are able to be customized, we can provide our customers the best of both worlds; a sustainable building material on their property they can feel good about and a finished fence that meets their desired aesthetics. Not only do we offer a variety of fence options to choose from, such as our StackedStone system that resembles hand-laid stone and our WoodCast system that resembles modern shiplap wood fencing, but all of our systems can also be customized to match your preferred height. To top it off and add a special touch, all of our systems can be painted or stained to blend in or stand out from the surrounding elements. 

At Hilltop Concrete we are devoted to ensuring our precast concrete fence systems are built to last a lifetime. Reach out to us today to learn how we can become your trusted concrete fence contractor or for more information about our products. We are available by email at or by telephone at 903-630-5465. We look forward to working with you on your next project!