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Keller Crossing Project Highlights

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Hilltop Concrete has recently had the pleasure of installing our OldBrick precast concrete fence system for a shopping center located in Keller, TX. Our client was facing a problem with an existing brick wall that was crumbling around them and the city was pushing for them to come up with a solution. Not only was the original brick wall an eye-sore for the shopping center but also for the neighbors around them and it posed a significant hazard for patrons of the shopping center and residents of the surrounding neighbors that used the parking lot for walking. Our client wanted to keep the same look as the original brick wall but the cost of installation for a brick wall was out of the question. Our OldBrick system proved to be the perfect solution because it replicates the classic appearance of brick while remaining in budget. Hilltop Concrete is honored to have the opportunity to help our client come up with a superior solution to their problem. 

For this project, we installed a 6’ high OldBrick precast concrete fence system that spans along the rear alley of the shopping center and runs approximately 1,120 LF. It has been painted in
Rookwood Terra Cotta to complement the shopping center’s existing structures and buildings. The original wall was intended to act as a screening wall and sound barrier between the shopping center and neighborhood to the South while also providing privacy for the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the original brick structure began to deteriorate and the integrity of the entire wall was compromised. This is a common problem with masonry walls as they rely on mortar to retain their integrity and that mortar will crack over time. As it begins to crack, moisture begins to penetrate the structure and failure begins to take its toll. With a precast concrete fence system from Hilltop Concrete, our client will never have to worry about this type of deterioration because our OldBrick system is made of 5,000 PSI strength concrete and is not impervious to water or susceptible to other elements. 

Another great benefit of the OldBrick precast concrete fence system is the ease and speed of installation. After the crumbling brick wall was demolished and removed, our crew was able to begin installation immediately. Installation is much faster with a precast concrete fence system because all of our products are manufactured before arriving at the site. This reduces installation times significantly and ensures a more controlled installation process. Installation of a hand-laid brick wall would have taken exponentially longer for this project, is very labor-intensive and would have ended up costing our client more to complete their project. Our streamlined installation even earned us a compliment from a neighbor walking with her family! She let us know that she and her family had been watching the installation process and they were amazed at how quickly the new wall took shape. Our client has expressed how pleased they are with the OldBrick precast concrete fence system we installed for their property and we look forward to working with them on future projects for more of their properties. We want to take the time to personally thank our client for the opportunity to complete this project for them! It was our pleasure to aid in the beautification of their property and ensure the safety of their patrons and neighbors. For more information on our products or to learn how Hilltop Concrete can become your trusted concrete fence contractor, please reach out to us by email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or by phone at 903-630-5465.