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HOAs and Hilltop Concrete

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One of the most identifiable features of a community starts at the entrance and most HOAs have fences or walls that surround the border of their communities. These fences do more than provide an aesthetically pleasing entrance by providing security and privacy for residents, keeping noise pollution away from homes and preserving property values. The problem is that they are often made of brick or wood and HOAs quickly find that these fencing materials require a significant amount of upkeep. By choosing a precast concrete fence system from Hilltop Concrete, we can help alleviate the stress of dealing with an existing fence that has seen better days or we can install a new precast concrete fence system around your community that provides superior benefits to traditional fencing options. 

A large part of an HOAs responsibility is to maintain how a community looks and operates and with summer quickly approaching, board members will start to try and get many of their needed construction projects scheduled. However, many community construction projects can cause inconveniences to homeowners and cause headaches for the board members trying to plan and follow through with construction details. At Hilltop Concrete, we recognize that board members are typically volunteers with full-time jobs, family commitments, and personal lives so we strive to take as much stress off of their plate as possible to ensure a seamless installation from start to finish. Because our precast concrete fence systems arrive ready for installation, we can ensure that the burden of construction is kept to a minimum for all residents. This also provides us with the ability to keep installation costs much lower than other fencing options, such as brick or stone, ultimately saving the HOA funds that can be allocated elsewhere.  

From deciding on the right style to best suit a community to choosing the final color scheme for the system, our dedicated team is available to answer any questions and ensure your precast concrete fence system is exactly what your community desires. During the planning stages, we know that having samples, drawings, and photographs available can help make the decision-making process go smoother and we are always willing to accommodate these needs. We also have a variety of texture options to choose from to meet your desired look, including our StackedStone system which resembles hand-laid stone, our OldBrick system that replicates the beauty of American brick structures, and our WoodCast system that offers the timeless appearance of shiplap fencing.

Property upkeep and maintenance are some of the biggest expenses for most HOAs. When it comes to choosing a fencing option around a community, Hilltop Concrete’s precast concrete fence systems are second to none! Our precast concrete fence systems provide a unique balance between strength, durability, and low-cost maintenance that any HOA can appreciate. The last thing an HOA wants to deal with is a fence around their community that will require a lot of time and money to maintain. While other fence materials will require costly annual maintenance, such as restaining, treatment, and repair, a precast concrete fence system from Hilltop Concrete does not. All of our precast concrete fence systems provide superior benefits over all other fencing options because they are manufactured with 5,000 PSI strength concrete that will not rot, warp or fade and are not susceptible to natural elements or insects. A precast concrete fence system from Hilltop Concrete is an investment that will last a lifetime!

Between the low installation costs and low maintenance costs, Hilltop Concrete’s precast concrete fence systems will end up saving your HOA a significant amount of money that can be allocated to other expenses needed for the community. We pride ourselves in working hard and providing our customers with a product and installation they can be proud to call theirs and we are confident they will reap the benefit for years to come. Reach out to us today at 903-630-5465 or by email at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com to learn how we can become your trusted concrete fence contractor today.