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Product Highlight: ChiselStone

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At Hilltop Concrete we are proud of all our precast concrete fence systems and ChiselStone is no exception. If you are looking for masonry wall alternatives that have the aesthetic of a stone wall look, then you have arrived at the correct spot! 

ChiselStone offers our customers the look and feel of a chiseled slate masonry wall, with the benefits of precast concrete. This product has been utilized all over Texas and especially in the Dallas and Fort Worth markets. You can read more about where we work at our locations page on our site. 


This precast fence pattern has been used on big box stores, multi-family projects, utility sites, and even single-family residences. The timeless appearance of this stone pattern and its ability to integrate with a wide array of project applications enables Hilltop Concrete to meet the specific project site needs of almost any of our clients. 


If we can help you with your next concrete fence project please contact us at hello@hilltopconcreteco.com or call us at 903-630-5465. Thank you and have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!